About The Fork and The Road



The Fork and The Road began is 2009 as a company that specialized in creating immersive food experiences that highlighted the many artisanal and historic flavors of Western Pennsylvania. It was the area’s key to getting into the homes and workspaces of Pittsburgh’s food & drink creators, exploring behind the scenes at both the hottest and the oldest restaurants and walking down historic local streets. The tours were a hit! In the fall  2014 issue of TABLE magazine, a tour Mary developed for Pittsburgh Transportation Group called The Flavor of Pittsburgh was listed as “The Food Tour Pick of the Season.”  And the Spring 2015 issue of Food & Travel magazine highlighted Mary’s tours, too. Travel & Leisure magazine lists The Fork and The Road as one of their select tourist businesses  in Pittsburgh.

Olive Oil Tasting at DeLallo’s

The business took loops and turns and it has been wonderful.The public and private tours were loads of fun and filled with good food with a dose of history.  The events for local hotels such as the Fairmont Pittsburgh were glorious.  Along the way, I met so many wonderful people.  It was a total joy. And a terrific learning experience for a novice business owner.

My passion for history and food caused the tour business to take a turn and return back to my original passion.  Exploring the state of Pennsylvania to find the roots of what we eat and why we eat it is really what I love.  There is no better day for me than a day spent out on the backroads investigating every “Potatos for Sale” or “Homemade Root Beer” sign that I see. So while the “business” of private tours no longer thrills me, I am making it my goal to help connect travelers and stay at home wanderers to the amazing and exciting world of Pennsylvania food – past and present.

Food is community.  Food is culture.  Food is connection to past and present.

Mary, owner of The Fork and The Road, is a Regional Culinary Historian.

The Fork & The Road’s founder Mary Miller sees clearly how our identity as a region is directly linked to our ancestors who settled here generations before us. From Pittsburgh’s legendary sandwiches to what’s available on grocery store shelves, what we eat reflects who we are – and where we came from. As a culinary historian with a background as a dietitian, Mary has the inside scoop on the region’s celebrated favorites and hidden gems. As a general lover of good food and drink, she also appreciates the rightful place of comfort food in a balanced diet. Mary is also a registered dietitian (RDN) and also a Certified Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP),

On the road again.