Culinary Tales

Apricot Cookies from Joyce’s Bakery in McKees Rocks

Mary Miller is an entertaining and knowledgable public speaker who is available for food-related speaking engagements throughout Western Pennsylvania.

In her own words…

“I’ve spent a lot of hours driving around Western Pennsylvania meeting the folks that have made our region’s food landscape so great. I know where to find lovingly made pierogies, beautiful artisan pasta, and mysterious wild ramps and pawpaws. On top of finding sources for these beautiful foods, I also connect the foods we eat to the stories behind why we eat them.”

Professional Background & Approach

Mary has extensive public speaking experience. Her appearances have included large live groups, as well as TV and radio engagements. She has written for newspapers, magazines, professional newsletters, and blogs. Her most popular topics include food customs, local culinary traditions, hidden foodie treasures, and Western Pennsylvania restaurants and markets new and old.

Her professional background in dietetics gives Mary great awareness of food and its context, but she is not an elitist when it comes to food. She can get just as excited about her mom’s Sunshine Salad made from Jello, carrots, and pineapple as she can about seared tajima beef topped with micro sprouts and chipotle aioli. If you’d like to have a culinary presentation tailored for your group or audience, email us or call 412-576-1755.