I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts. . . . okay, this is not true at all!!

abraham lincoln

Last week, I took a short trip to Gettysburg, mainly because one of my favorite authors was in town to do a talk and book signing.  Kelly Corrigan, who wrote The Middle Place, Lift and Glitter and Glue, was to speak at the Adams County Arts Center and my desire to wander told me that I had to go. I just can’t sit still once the weather breaks (which it didn’t once I was on the road, by the way). Plus, it was only $35 per ticket, which included the book, a chance to meet Kelly, wine and snacks.  Good deal, right?!!

When I arrived in town, I stopped at the Gettysburg Visitor Center to visit the museum and check out the Battle of Gettysburg cyclorama painting.  It was so interesting. I would highly recommend it for anyone, but especially  for folks like me with poor recollections of the Civil War from junior high history. Of course, I bought up some culinary history books from the shop there, too.  Can’t stop myself from food books.  It is becoming a problem.   From there, I was off to the Dobbin House Tavern ( built way back in 1776) after a recommendation from the guy at the ticket desk inside the visitor center. Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address across the street in the cemetery.   Really cool, historic building and good food, but when I got home I noticed weird stuff in my photos which creeped me out a bit.  A friend noticed the shadows and outlines, too.  I googled the Dobbin House and  the internets told me that it is ” very haunted.”  I ‘ve decided not to look at the pictures again and will probably delete them from my files … but here is one or two in case you want to take a peep.  See what you think. The top is of the dining room and the bottom is a peep hole into the spring that still runs into the basement of the building.  The tavern used to be a place where slaves could hid on their way up to Canada.   I am finished looking at them . .forever.dobbinsDobbin 2


I stayed at a lovely small hotel, the Federal Pointe Inn, which used to be a school ( built in 1896 ).  The 18 room hotel had a sweet, small bar in the basement, which was so toasty on a snowy (end of MARCH) evening by a pretty stone fireplace.  There I had a crab cake and a beer before the talk just to hold me over.

I also had a light meal and a beer at The Pub earlier in the day ( yes, I eat a lot, I know )  where I tried their signature sweet potato soup with raisins. Sweet Potato Soup I was hesitant, but it was really good.  Not too sugary, not milky –  and the plump raisins were a bonus.

After a few wine tastings in town, I was ready for the book event.kelly corrigan

It was a perfect short getaway.  Just a few hours from home . . . great food, amazing history and good shopping.