St Louis – Barbecue, Booze (not really) and My Baby Girl

Airplanes and I do not mix.  I don’t enjoy flying. And that is an understatement. Just ask my husband, who usually gets stuck sitting next to me on flights.  So two weeks ago, when I visited my daughter and her boyfriend in St. Louis for her 21st bday, I got there by driving. It’s a long drive, so I split the trip up and stayed overnight near Cincinnati both coming and going.  Of course, I stayed near Cincy just to go to Jungle Jim’s, a magnificent grocery store in the suburban town of Fairfield. Jungle Jim’s never disappoints (more on JJs sometime soon) but neither did St Louis.

Juan and Lindsay had already thought through the necessary food stops before I arrived. (Juan’s recommendation to stay at the Knight Center on the campus of Wash U. was the best advice. It was perfect.)

The night of my arrival, there was a food truck ” festival” of sorts.  Many food trucks, all with long lines waiting for the goodies, were lined up on the edge of a city park.  I think Pittsburgh definitely needs more food trucks. The park was filled with young and old, all hanging out together eating falafel, sushi, pizza and cupcakes.

We had a fun time at the memorabilia filled restaurant in the “loop” section called Blueberry Hill.  Known for burgers and for being the St. Louis home of Chuck Berry, I had a darn good Club Sandwich there and I’m picky when it comes to club sandwiches.

Time for BBQ!

Next came the St Louis institution called Pappy’s.  BBQ is king here and the line, even at mid-day when it was over a hundred degrees outside, strung through the restaurant.  I had barbecued brisket, green beans and sweet potato fries. This was good stuff.

On the morning of the bday ( it was her 21st, after all) we toured the Anheuser-Busch factory and were treated to a complimentary brew after the tour. It was the first time she was carded and legal. We both tried the wheat beer and it was perfect, even for before noon.  Dinner was at a Peruvian restuatant called Mango, recently voted Best South American restaruant by readers of St Louis Magazine.  Clean fresh flavors prevailed here with  tilapia seviche and other treats like plaintain chips with a salsa verde and beef empanadas. Oh, and a winning Sangria that I wish I could replicate at home.

The nest morning, before getting on my way back . .well, back to Jungle Jim’s for an evening cooking class, we had breakfast at Winslow Home, a charming store/cafe near University City. Love love love.

This was my first real adventure in the mid-west outside of the Chicago end of Illinois and  parts of Ohio (Ohio doesn’t count as the mid-west to me) and I was impressed. I hope I get to go back soon.  Thanks Juan and Lindsay for a great time.

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    Glad you were able to withstand the heat… Thanks for visiting, mom!

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