Terrain at Styers

The words Mary Miller and Green Thumb do not go together at all.  Terrible with all things that grow, and that sometimes includes my own children, I have been known to kill plants after just days of buying them,  to watch my herbs ( all excpt that pesky mint) droop very soon after arriving home from the nursery and to have bad luck even with those little air plants that need nothing at all to thrive.

But I do love garden stores, maybe for the smell of green and dirt, maybe just for  the possibility that someday my thumb will turn from brown to green.  Imagine my joy when I first found Terrain, owned by the Anthropologie folks, on one of my treks out to the eastern part of the state. You see, this store is not only a gardener’s dream, but it’s  a haven for carefully selected treasures . . . beautiful jams, luscious oils, kitchy dishtowels, sweet smelling lotions and creams. It’s also the site of a delightful, outdoorsy cafe.

Isn't this so cool?

The perfect mix of plants, food and books.

On my last visit, I didn’t have tme to stop for a meal, so I made sure to work in some time on this trip.

Warm bread in a flowerpot. Honey butter with red salt. Lemon mango tea. Heaven.

Warm bread and honey butter topped with Hawaiian red salt arrived first, followed by a spring salad and then Gnocchi Parisienne. (I actually ordered the salad and gnocchi, they didn’t just “arrive” at my table.) The browned gnocchi were topped with seasonal veggies – pea tendrils, asparagus, fiddleheads, peas. . served on a ramp puree with house made goat ricotta.  Oh . . my . . goodness!  Even the lemon mango iced tea was fabulous.

Gnocchi Parisienne with Spring Vegetables . . . gorgeous.

If you’re a Burgher and summer at the Jersey shore, consider taking a detour to Terrain on your way home.  Make sure to leave some space in your trunk for all of the things you will just have to buy!

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  1. Stitchfork

    That’s another gem to add to my list of places to see. Seriously craving that bread and honey now…

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