Ramps are here again!!

This morning, while sampling a recently pressed batch of Late Harvest Olio Nuevo from David Lagnese at the California Olive Oil Connection in the East Liberty Farmer’s Cooperative, I asked if he knew if any of the vendors had ramps yet. Just my luck!  The stall next to David’s, Zang Greenhouse, owned by Rick Zang, had one bunch left.  I’m not even sure I like these things that much, but I know that when it is ramp season, then it really means spring is here, and I like that a lot.

Ramps have a bold garlic/onion flavor, and once cleaned and chopped, they are terrific added to scrambled eggs, mixed in with melted butter for sauteing, or tossed into mashed potatoes.  Last year, at the Mason Dixon Ramp Festival, I had them in the form of a ramp burger and I also shared a bite of a plate of deep fried ramps.  If you have nothing going on tomorrow, drive down to catch the last day of the festival.  It’s in a rural area, right on the border of PA and WV, and it’s a relaxing way to spend a few hours.  They have music and  crafts, and of course, ramps.

All that needs to be said about ramps was recently in a story by Bob Batz at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  I hate to repeat something that has already been so well said. So here it is.

After my purchase this morning,  I felt confident that I have made it though the winter and that spring is really here!!