Pittsburgh Public Market

Yesterday, I stopped  at the Pittsburgh Public Market to pick up some goodies from The Berry Patch (724.238.7214) for my upcoming Laurel Highlands culinary tour.  Brenda and Scotty’s stuff is always great – the jams, butters, jellies, pies, empanadas. Irresistable.

Oh my, what a berry pie!!

And their line of products keeps growing. Yesterday, they had adorable jars of  homemade blueberry lemonade with a hint of mint for sale. It was just out of this world.  I found out this morning that they sold out of the lemonade. I wasn’t surprised.

No artificial colorings here.

So, the market was really jumping.  And that made me so happy, because Pittsburgher’s can sometimes be difficult when it comes to accepting new things ( I grew up here, so don’t get in a tizzy over that comment)  and I did worry at first that us Burghers wouldn’t “get” this market. I was wrong.  It was a lively scene, with lots of people and best of all, lots of people buying things.

I also stopped by to chat with the folks from Clarion River Organics.  This organic farm cooperative  has  produce, meat, milk, cheese  . . all sorts of local products, every one of them raised or grown in a conscientious way.  I bought some of their Berkshire bacon and a few pork chops. The bacon was thick sliced and super lean (for bacon.)  And for the pork chops, they told me that the pigs eat organic watermelons and squash  rather then regular corn-based hog feed.  I’ll see if I can taste the difference.

Now THIS is bacon.

Oh, and I bought a bag of tiny winter greens.  They are going to make a perfect salad, paired with some shredded Parmigiano Reggiano, toasted walnuts, sliced pears and a Christina Maser Gingered Pear Vinaigrette dressing I purchased in Lancaster.

From the beginning, I thought the Pittsburgh Public Market was a great addition to the Strip District weekend scene.  So glad to see that others agree.

3 comment on “Pittsburgh Public Market

  1. Stitchfork

    I really need to go see the market!

    1. Staff Mary

      Yes, you do!! It is really hopping there these days.

  2. Emily (The Culinary Couple)

    We only quickly strolled through the market when we were in Pittsburgh a few months ago. I think it’s soon time for a return trip. Especially with spring produce on the horizon!

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