The Savvy Grouse and The Farmers’ Cooperative of East Liberty

This is not the State bird. But it was a prize winning bird in Harrisburg, the state capitol.

For a while now, I have been writing a twice monthly blog for the state’s travel blog site, The Savvy Grouse. (As you probably know, our state bird is the Ruffed Grouse.)   If you ever want to read about what others are doing and where they are going in Pennsylvania, this is the site for you.  Want to know more about Shoo Fly Pie?  Need to find a winery in Bucks County?  Yep, it’s all there.  There are a bunch of different categories, so if you’re interested in history, food, family events or specific cities, go to The Savvy Grouse to get all the details from people in the know.

This week my submission to The Savvy Grouse was about the Farmers’ Cooperative of East Liberty. It’s a farm market that is indoor  and open all year round. The market is open on Saturdays from 5 AM (yikes) until noon.Vendors sell baked goods (oh so tasty zucchini bread was a favorite on my last visit,)  Amish goat cheese, locally made pasta, homemade ketchup and more.  My visit to the market was to get some Olio Nuevo from David Lagnese, who gets the precious stuff from olive oil master Art Kishayama in northern California.

David and Marco Lagnese sell olive oil, Kew Park coffee and fresh squeezed juices every Saturday morning.

This unfiltered, bright green oil is strong flavored and delicious sprinkled on a salad or on top or a piece of crusty bread or some spreadable cheese.   David only has a limited amount, so get there before it’s all gone!

Go to the farmers' co-op and taste some terrific oils.