The Pennsylvania Farm Show

There was a little cow poo on the floor and there were lots of chickens (not good for my avian phobia.)  But those were the only negatives  that I came across all day today at the 2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.  A few weeks ago I drove past the old Allegheny County Fairgrounds at South Park and felt a real sadness for the old days when my dad would take me out to the fair to see the prize winning animals, perfect pies and giant tractors.  Today, I relived those days and was so excited to see that thousands ( literally tens of thousands, I think) of others get a kick out of this kind of thing, too.  Farming is hot in central PA.

So now,  Part 1 of my farm show highlights . . .

The Butter Sculpture

Enclosed in its own temperature controlled glass box, Jim Victor’s masterpiece took over ten days to sculpt and used 1,000 pounds of butter.  After the show, the butter will be made into bio-diesel fuel. (Pennsylvania ranks second in US butter production. Who knew?)

Prize Winning Produce

Look at this Best in the State Butternut Squash . .  .

And at these prize-winning jams and jellies . . .

And  this beautiful friend was charming the crowds!

The show runs through next Saturday and it is a wonderful way to spend a day.  Free admission, but parking is $10. It’s a real bargain. Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on some of my favorite PA made food products at the show.

4 comment on “The Pennsylvania Farm Show

  1. Jan

    Now I realize that you DID get to the Farm Show! It sounds like it was amazing! You found some great foods. Maybe you could join us at the County Fair next summer?!?

    1. Staff Mary

      I would love to go to the County Fair. I think there is farming in my genes somewhere. I loved the Farm Show.

  2. Grace

    Wow–that butter sculpture is ‘way better than the cow at the Iowa State Fair although the Harry Potter there was pretty cool. Glad you had fun.

    1. Staff Mary

      It was great. And PCN carries some of the show live on tv. I am fairly sure the Sheep to Shawl portion is going to be on later this week. Check the schedule at

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