Edible Gift Idea #6

Memories of Summer and the Heirloom Tomato Festival

Last summer, I drove out to the Heirloom Tomato Festival at  West Overton Village in Scottdale.  It was there that I first came upon Old Linn Run Coffee Roasters.   Kandi and Dave Newell roast beans in small batches (actually, the beans aren’t roasted until  they get your order)  and the resulting brew reflects the care in their roasting process.   Kandi and Dave are beginning to branch out from their home base in Rector, out in the beautiful Laurel Highlands.  Their beans can now be purchased at McGinnis Sisters in Monroeville and at Currant Thymes (136 East Main Street, Ligonier)  – two of my favorite foodie haunts.  Of course, you can give them a call to place your order, too. (724.238.9102)

Something new at Old Linn Run just in time for the holiday season is a nifty travel mug with a built-in French press and a compartment to hold grounds for a second cup of coffee. I love this!  One cup is just not enough on these cold, winter days and French press coffee is the way to really rev up your morning.

My super-dee-duper gift idea?  A bag of Old Linn Run Coffee and one of their new travel mugs.  If you want to kick it up a notch or two, G Squared Gallery in Ligonier carries a beautiful hand-crafted coffee scoop that would be the perfect addition to this gift.

I'm a big copper fan, so I love, love this coffee scoop.

( Shhh, my husband is getting one of these scoops from Santa. I’m tired of seeing a big ol’ tablespoon, along with a pile of coffee grounds, on my kitchen counter-top every morning.  If I have to clean something up, it might as well be something pretty.)

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  1. Em

    That Old Linn Run travel mug is now on MY Christmas list. C’mon, Santa, help me get my coffee fix on the go!

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