Marshmallows have arrived at the Pittsburgh Public Market!!

Some of the marshmallows I have eaten . . these are from Make A Cake.

Confession:  I love marshmallow in any form. Mallo Cups, chocolate covered marshmallows, the retro ValoMilk cup, and good ol’ grocery store marshmallows right out of the bag.

More Marshmallow Favorites . . .Mallo Cups.

Imagine my excitement when the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory was open for business when I popped into the Pittsburgh Public Market this past Friday.  I was getting ready for a trip to Boston for the American Dietetics Association annual meeting, but I just had to buy some of these large heavenly cubes even if they had to wait until I returned so I could eat them. (Yes, I am a registered dietitian and yes, I know marshmallows are pretty much nothing but sugar. I don’t care. I love them.)

Look at these . . .

The Bananas Foster flavor was the first one I tried ( they had small samples at the market) and the flavor was amazing. Then I sampled mint chocolate (yum), vanilla ( another yum) and pistachio ( yep, another yum.)  These marshmallows are light and fluffy, lightly flavored and not gummy at all. I have payed top dollar for some artisanally made marshmallows that weren’t worth the money or calories, but these are something worth every penny.  For more info, email the marshmallow ladies at  I know my mallows will be waiting on the kitchen counter for me when I return and I can’t wait!