Foraging – The Hottest Dining Trend

Even the centerpieces were foraged!

Foraged food is in. Local, sustainable, organic . . it’s all that and more.  It’s the new locavore fixation. But it’s a good fixation.  A few days ago I went to the first  dinner hosted by Wild Purveyors as part of a series called Table Terroir.  Wild Purveyors sells in-season, local foods including foraged mushrooms and some other wild edibles, sustainably farmed  fruits and veggies, farmstead  cheese, humanely raised meats and poultry and sustainably farmed fresh water fish.

The reasons to attend this event were many, as one can see from the description of the Wild Purveyors company. But there were even  more reasons to go. Point Brugge Cafe Exec Chef Kevin Hunninen was in charge of the cooking and the rustic barn at Beechwood Farms was the location.  The chef from one of my favorite places in town and  one of the most beautiful settings around. And a portion of the proceeds went to Farm Corps and The Audobon Society. Sign me up.

Brothers Cavan and Tom Patterson (the Wild Purveyors brothers) went all out for this dinner. From starters through dessert, every bite was thoughtfully prepared and truly scrumptious. The spelt and beet risotto, a creamy, slightly chewy spoonful of autumn, was my favorite course of the night.  The centerpieces were stunning.  The pawpaw infused vodka was fruity and smooth. A dessert of warm apples, nuts and a little wedge of Crotin de Chevre, a creamy camembert like goat cheese,  finished the night.

A perfect fall dessert.

Another dinner, this time with Justin Severino from the new Elements Cuisine downtown, is scheduled for October 20.  Check it out here.

4 comment on “Foraging – The Hottest Dining Trend

  1. Emily (The Culinary Couple)

    Every course sounds fabulous! Oh, if only a lived a little closer to Pittsburgh …

    1. Staff Mary

      But I think you live in Happy Valley, don’t you? Nothing is better than that!

  2. Marylinda

    spelt and beet risotto, so yummy!

    can you get the recipe?

    1. Staff Mary

      You read my mind about getting that recipe. I will try and if I succeed, I will share it.

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