Ligonier Country Market

I bounced out of bed this morning, knowing that I was about to explore a new outdoor bazaar, the Ligonier Country Market, held on the grounds of the Loyalhanna Watershed Farm in, you guessed it, Ligonier, PA.  I went mainly to look for a nice cookie baker by the name of  Dorothy Madore, who I met a few weeks ago at the Rivers of Steel tour. As I wound my way around the booths to find Dorothy,  I came across lots of  pleasant surprises – from toasty mohair shawls (it was about 55 degrees outside,) to yummy raw milk cheese  and unique rustic flower arrangements. I wanted to buy everything in sight, but was limited by the lack of funds in my wallet.

Maple Syrups from Paul Bunyan's Sugar Camp

I met recent college grad Molly Enos, who was manning the booth for  her family’s maple syrup business, Paul Bunyan’s Sugar Camp. Their Maple Cream is smooth and sweet and is heaven on muffins, pancakes, even crackers.  It’s good just eaten right off the spoon, too. For a  late summer treat, mix a few shakes of their maple sugar in a skillet with some fresh sliced peaches and a bit of butter. Heat until the maple sugar and the butters melts and the peaches are slightly tender . Oh . . . . my . . . goodness.

The Salsa Sisters' products

Next stop, The Salsa Sisters (724.538.7212) for some of their zippy One Peach of a Salsa.    Then, it was across the grassy “aisle” to Nicole Nickischer’s stand, where she sells her Serendipity Dip Mixes.

Nicole and mom from Serendipity Dip Mixes

I like her Tuscan bread dip mix but wanted to try a few others.  This mom of five (yes, five) suggested I try the spicy flavors like Habanero and Cayenne Jalapeno. I’m mixing them up tomorrow when my folks come over for dinner.  Finally, I made my way to Dorothy Madore’s One Tuff Cookie.  I”ve seen photos of her cookies, but never met one in person until today.

One Tuff Cookie's many cookie choices

Sometimes purchased cookies look good, but the taste is only so-so.   The Apricot Snowcap, the Dreamsicle and (yes, I ate three) the Chocolate Cherry Shortbread not only looked like they just finished a “Martha” photo shoot, but they tasted great, too.   Before I knew it, the clock struck noon and the market was ending. So many treats, so little time.

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  1. Cathy

    Marking this one on my calendar to go. Starting the search for pumpkins and gourds! Also need some of those cookies…

    1. Staff Mary

      There weren’t any pumpkins and gourds there yet. They should be at the markets soon. And those cookies were beautiful and tasted great. I loved the size of the cookies, too. Big enough, but not giant, allowing a lot more “tastes” of different cookies, rather than eating just one giant cookie.

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