Gobs in the Mountains

I'm too embarrassed to show a photo of the giant gob that I ate, so here is a photo of the beautiful scenery on the way to The Country Pie Shoppe from Ligonier

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved gobs. You might call them whoopie pies, but they’re the same thing. A giant soft cookie sandwich filled with soft, sweet, whipped filling. They were special occasion cookies in my house and were always part of the cookie tray at Christmas. They still are something I look forward to every December.  My favorite kind of gob is made from a chocolate cake-like batter with a creamy filling made from . . sorry, all of my dietitian co-workers out there  . . .  Crisco . .  . and some sugar, vanilla and canned evaporated milk.  Sometimes I will buy a gob and then be so disappointed by the filling. I don’t care for the ones made with confectioner’s sugar. For me, the texture is chalky and the taste is too sweet. I also prefer the plain chocolate ones with vanilla filling. I’ve tried pumpkin, mint-chocolate, peanut butter, banana and vanilla, but nothing hits the spot for me like plain chocolate.

So imagine my excitement yesterday when, on a drive through the Laurel Highlands, we stopped at The Country Pie Shoppe in Donegal.  I was really hot and thirsty and need some water. (Why I decided to wear a long sleeve black dress on a ninety degree day, who knows?) But once within the shop, I immediately spied the giant gobs and had to have one.  I asked the nice woman in the bakery about the filling, not wanting to waste my time on the confectioner’s sugar filling of a gob, but she was new to the shop(pe) and wasn’t  sure about the ingredients. I gave it a shot . . .and yahoo. . . . the filling was fluffy and creamy and wonderful. So when you are on the PA Turnpike near the Donegal exit or if you are spending the weekend at Seven Springs or Hidden Valley, turn into the Pie Shoppe and get yourself a giant gob. It’s surely enough calories for an entire day, but it will be a good day for sure.

4 comment on “Gobs in the Mountains

  1. Stacey

    I LOVE GOBS!! Our family also called them Lucky cakes. I have that exact recipe with crisco and have always been reluctant to make it because its politically incorrect. Let’s all eat Gobs! Thanks for sharing. I make it to Donegal with my friends sometime and we will have to check that out!

  2. Marcia

    The Pie Shoppe has the best Red Velvet cupcakes. (The Gobs are also good!)

  3. Grace

    The gobs there are fabulous but my favorites are the cinnamon things made out of pie crust. My mom used to let me make those when she had leftover pie crust. Yum!

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