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Mural depicting Bloomfield’s immigrant history.

When The Fork and The Road began, food tours for the public were our main gig.  As the years went on, we now do special tours or adventures for private groups only.  We also are focusing on helping hotels and corporations plan special culinary events that can be uniquely theirs for clients and/or employees.  My emphasis has gotten away from the mass “selling” of food tours and back to what I love most.   Sharing Western Pennsylvania’s history and food treasure with locals and visitors is really where my passion lies.  If you call me, I am happy to give you my best tips for where to go and what to do with a food history focus.  If your company needs a one of a kind food event that reflects the past and future of food in Western Pennsylvania, please contact me.  I would love to work with you!

Cherry Straciatella Gelato


3 comment on “Western PA Food Tours

  1. Cathy

    Next time you do this tour – I am making sure I am in town! Sounds perfect…food and history!

  2. yinzer

    but you really didn’t mention any of the spots in Bloomfield that are well worth stepping inside and tasting the local fare w/in…

    1. Staff Mary

      You are so right. I guess I was hoping that folks would go on the tour to find out because I really enjoyed the history and local lore as well as the food. But here’s a few of my Bloomfield favorites. . . . .Thai Cuisine ( not on the tour ), Angelo’s Pizza (on the tour and completely new to me) and Groceria Italiana (yummy ravioli). My gelato was so good at Grasso Roberto. I have walked past a million time and never been inside. I also love the capon soup at Sausalido right there on Liberty Avenue and also have had some good salads and sandwiches at J’eet at 4200 Penn Ave ( more like Upper Lawrenceville than Bloomfield, but it’s close-by.) What are your favorites? I love to learn about new places to eat.

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