St. Mary’s Ukrainian Festival

You can get these and more at St Mary's Festival!!

I love church festivals, especially ones that have the word Croatian, Greek or Ukrainian in the name because I know there will be fantastic food for sale.  Have you had Croatian barbecued lamb?  Handmade Ukrainian pierogies?  Honey drenched baklava, each piece painstakingly made by hand?  A really good festival is coming up, so mark your calendars for July 28 through 31st for the annual St. Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church Festival in the Bottoms of McKees Rocks. I can’t wait!

For more details about the festival, go to my  blog  published by the PA Tourism Office.   I know I’ve mentioned the pierogies before, but the festival is supposed to be great ( Father Tim promised) and I wanted to let everyone know about it.  Click here to access the info and also to read about what other folks in the state are doing for fun this summer.

3 comment on “St. Mary’s Ukrainian Festival

  1. Jake Zigler

    Definitely going to go to this. I was just told be a group of people the best pierogies in town are little old church lady pierogies.

    1. Staff Mary

      Do go to their church on a Friday morning, too. The ladies are all there making the pierogies. Everyone is so nice. You can eat some there or take them home for dinner.

      Also, there is a fun festival called International Village held every August near McKeesport. Lot of churches and clubs with ethnic roots have booths and although the event is somewhat, uh, let’s say “retro”, I love it. The barbecued lamb there is the best. It is served with sliced raw onions and big chunks of crusty white bread. Fantastic.

  2. Cathy

    oh, oh, oh, take me with you please!!

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