Right by Nature

On Saturday, it was “all right” or “all wrong” at Right by Nature, the food store in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. It all depended on who you were. For the management, it was a nightmare, because the computers that run the cash registers went down.  There was a very long line of customers for the one working register and those standing in line were getting antsy.  Nice workers passed out watermelon cubes and cool ginger lemonade to us while we waited.  But then the store folks started bagging our food and told us there would be no charge. Our groceries were on the house!  Wow!  This was really above and beyond what any of us in the line expected and it made my day. Made everyone’s day who was there except, I’m sure, for the store owners.  I  will certainly go back to Right by Nature and spend a lot of money just to try to make it up to them somehow.  It was such a nice gesture on their part.

If you haven’t checked out this store, please do.  When it opened about a year or so ago, it was a little off kilter, in my opinion, but it gets better every time I go.  My favorite items there at the moment are the olive oil and rosemary chips, the deli’s chicken sandwich with bacon and spinach  (sometimes avocado sneaks in, too) and the grass fed beef. And if you buy some stuff in the store, you can park in the attached  indoor garage for two hours for free!

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  1. Jake Zigler

    It’s just down the street from me and I try to go but you’re definitely right about it being “off kilter”. On two separate occasions I’ve brought home milk that was spoiled. The one time the seal was broken, the second time the date was expired. Definitely my fault for BUYING the expired milk but the fact that a competitor to Whole Foods would still have it on its shelves is bad.

    They do get a lot right, though. I like their bagels and they have a good selection of local stuff. However, they need to find that balance a grocery store needs in order to survive and I still don’t think they have yet. I honestly can’t tell if they’ll stay in business. I feel the balance between amount of customers and amount of product (they don’t sell their stuff fast enough) is still off. I hope it succeeds; it’s gotta be tough and nerve racking opening a grocery store.

    1. Staff Mary

      Completely agree with you. I don’t want the store to go away, so I am trying to love it. And I have found a few really good items. The free food helped, but it’s not quite perfection there yet.

  2. Cathy

    I found this place last December while searching for a parking spot during the holiday season. Came out empty-handed, but will now have to go see it again.

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