The Penn State Creamery vs Biochem Lab

Yes, it’s true. Unlike the rest of my immediate family, I skipped lots of classes in college. My most vivid memory of this unimpressive habit was when, instead of going to my biochemistry lab (a super yawn,) I would sneak across the street to the Creamery and eat ice cream instead. As you might imagine, this didn’t help my biochem grade or my ability to squeeze into already too tight jeans.  But if you’ve ever had ice cream from the Berkey Creamery on the Penn State Main Campus, then you can understand why I did what I did.  Looking back, do I regret my ice cream instead of biochem choice?  Not at all. No way.

Although the Creamery has moved into a new spiffy building since my days at PSU,  the ice cream is just as good. I stopped during a recent visit through the State College area and, much to my delight, lots of the flavors were the same as 30 plus (yikes!!) years ago.

Flavors like Peachy Paterno, WPSU Coffee Break, Lion Tracks and Mint Nittany  incorporate Penn State memories into the name of the ice cream, but my favorites have always been two old faithfuls,  Bittersweet Mint and Coconut Chip.

Did I eat this entire ice cream cone? Yes, I did.

Besides serving generous cones, those accomodating folks in Happy Valley will pack half gallons of their frozen confections in dry ice  to take home. Yahoo!  A bit pricey, but oh, so worth it.  The Creamery also sells  top notch cheese, cream cheese, milk and other dairy products made by the Food Science Department.

My advice:  plan a trip to the Central Pennsylvania Festival for the Arts in mid-July and stop at the Berkey Creamery before you leave for the drive home.   Have a cone there and take a few half-gallons home with you.  No class skipping involved!

4 comment on “The Penn State Creamery vs Biochem Lab

  1. Lisa

    bittersweet mint is a family favorite here too

  2. Jake Zigler

    I remember getting ice cream here whenever my sister made it to states in swim team. My dad liked the ice cream so much I remember having a bunch of it packed in dry ice and boxed for the road. A fun byproduct was the 3 days of screwing around with dry ice like any 13 year old would.

    1. Staff Mary

      I must admit I still played with the remaining dry ice in the bottom of the cooler of the PSU ice cream. Great blog, by the way. I will continue to be a reader.

  3. Cathy

    Yummmm – wish I had a butter pecan cone right now! Best ice cream ever, hands down!

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