Omni Bedford Springs Resort – Cooking with the Chef

It seems I have survived another winter (always the worst season for me) and so I spent this morning thinking about what got me through those bleak and snowy Pittsburgh days. One of the highlights was a late autumn trip to the  Omni Bedford Springs Resort in (duh) Bedford, PA. Hesitant to like the place due to my longstanding phobia of big, old hotels  .  . . maybe I’m permanently  scarred from watching movies like  The Shining  . .  I was not an easy “sell.”

Not scary at all!

But the resort was really idyllic . . . not over the top and ostentatious, but decorated in a casually elegant and comfortable manner with obvious regard to the history of the hotel.   There were games, chess sets, lots of old photos from the resort’s early days; bowls of cookies for nibbling and carafes of hot apple cider for sipping.   Like the baby bear in the Three Little Bears  children’s story, this place felt just right.  Besides getting an A for Upscale Coziness, the  resort also had foodie activities that deserved an A, too.  I pre-registered for two cooking  events – one mid-afternoon mini class and a longer Chef’s Table dinner.  The mini-class introduced me to Chef Konrad Meier’s generous spirit. The class was loaded with cooking tips, jokes, and lots of really great food.  Then just a few hours later it was time to eat again.  The evening Chef’s Table, recommended by a friend, was a 3 plus hour adventure of cooking,  entertainment, great food and lots of wine.

The better half trims some lamb chops.

My husband and I, along with two  friends, ended the meal with a s’more-making  escapade at the outdoor fire pit. Although I hear this resort is just dandy during any season, it was the perfect way to prepare for my winter hibernation.

4 comment on “Omni Bedford Springs Resort – Cooking with the Chef

  1. Lindy Andresen

    We are delighted to hear that The Omni Bedford Springs pulled you out of the winter doldrums! We are very fortunate to have Chef Konrad at the resort and are equally as fortunate to have guests such as yourself that spread the word of their great experiences. Thanks for sharing your experience on your blog!

  2. Jake Zigler

    My friend just got the news that he was given a position as Sous Chef at an Omni hotel in Richmond. All of the Omni hotels I’ve visited have embodied what I think a hotel should be; unpretentious and uniquely suited to its surrounds.

    1. Staff Mary

      Congratulations to your friend! I haven’t been to many Omni hotels, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Omni in Bedford.

  3. The Poser

    We were actually in the kitchen. At least you didn’t make fun of your husband in this post.

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