Philly Food – A Mouthful of Gelato and A Bit of Fermentation

The City of Brotherly Love.  Usually I only see the skyline from my car window while stuck in the eternal congestion on the Schuylkill  Expressway (aka Surekill Distressway –   sorry, just had to type that.) It’s the route I take on my way from visiting my oldest daughter on the Main Line to my fave beach town on the Jersey shore.  This week it was time to get off the highway and explore. After dropping off my bags at the pleasantly quirky  Hotel Palomar,

Copper Wall Sculpture at Hotel Palomar

I went in search of Capogiro Gelato. I read about this small batch gelato maker in Saveur magazine and in The New York Times so I had to check it out.

Capogiro Gelato Cafe at Sansom and 20th

Lucky for me, indecision always reigns, because the gelati and sorbetti  can be sampled  before your final selections.  I tried. . . Grapefruit/Campari, Burnt Sugar, Thai Coconut Milk, Sal (yes, sal means salt and it was fabulous .. so there, sodium police), Bacio (chocolate and hazelnut with bits of caramelized hazelnuts), Tangerine and Bananas Foster.  Smooth and creamy, with pure fresh flavors, this gelato was the best I’ve ever tasted.


Due to gelato overload, dinner was a few small plates and a glass of wine at a casual cafe called Tria  on the corner of Sansom and 18th near Rittenhouse Square.

Tria Cafe at 18th and Sansom Street

Tria focuses on fermentation (think cheese, wine and beer) –  one of my favorite chemical processes besides getting blond highlights and using Nair hair remover.  Their wine list is playful, with labels such as  Zippy, Smooth, Sociable, and Funky to describe categories of wine.. I chose Bold – a 2002  Mas Igneus Priorat  that tasted like  dark red cherries. Mmmmm.  I ordered Tuna and Chickpea stuffed Piquillo Peppers withParsley Garlic Oil and Warm Poached Black Mission Figs with Gorgonzola and Prosciutto. Both were delicious, but the plump, oozy figs were sweet and salty perfection.  Dessert was a small sliver of  completely unctuous Creme ux De Bourgogne, a cow’s milk cheese from Burgundy, served with a spoonful of sweet dried cherries soaked in Allegash White, a  wheat beer from Portland, Maine.  A  walk around tree lined Rittenhouse Square was necessary after dinner and before returning to The Palomar.  More in the next post about my fun foodie walking tour of Ben Franklin’s hometown.

6 comment on “Philly Food – A Mouthful of Gelato and A Bit of Fermentation

  1. Newlin

    Thanks for sharing all this Mary. As a Philly native, I am always looking for new treats to try when I make my bi-annual trip to Rittenhouse Square. If you ever need the name of a cute, reasonable, boutique hotel in the area- call. It is 2 blocks from all the action! Keep up the good work.xo

    1. Staff Mary

      Do check out SA VA, the boutique I mentioned. Great clothes . . and lovely people there.

  2. Ankur

    The gelato flavors you sampled looked really tasty, especially Thai Coconut Milk. Is there any good gelato around Pittsburgh? The only authentic place I’ve seen in the US so far is in Mountain View, CA which is too far away.

    1. Staff Mary

      Have you tried Mercurio’s in Shadyside? I’ve had some good stuff there. I really liked the creative seasonal flavors at Capogiro’s. It can be ordered online . . I think I am going to try that. It was that good.

  3. Dawn

    Congrats, elders can learn new tricks….sometimes it just takes a little longer! Can’t wait for you to find other delectable treasures!

  4. Cathy

    Congrats on the new blog! Love it! Drooling just reading about the gelato you tasted.

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