Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance

Not every day can be a big food adventure. Sometimes I actually have to stay in Pittsburgh and work for a living.  But yesterday I snuck in a visit to the Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance‘s Monthly Farm Stand in Squirrel Hill. After the never-ending winter, thoughts of  first local spring veggies got me through the day. Yes, I realize most people don’t get so excited about vegetables. But I really do.

Yahoo!!! Parnips and Greens!!

Penn’s Corner is a farmer’s co-op that offers great local produce and other goodies ( bread, eggs, cheese, honey) to restaurants, to their CSA customers and to people who pre-order for pick-up at  their Farm Stand .  (CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Buy a share of the CSA for a specific farm or group of farmers and get a weekly delivery of produce and other local products.  The bounty varies depending on the CSA and the growing season.   For a list of CSAs in your area, visit the PA Buy Fresh Buy Local website.)

Since I already belong to one CSA (Harvest Valley – love those guys) joining another would put my small household on produce overload, but I still can’t resist shopping at other farm markets.   With the “Farm Stand only Mailing List” at Penn’s Corner, they’ll send you an email list of available items. You just let them know what you want  and then pick it up on the designated day.  I ordered  braising greens, a bag of parsnips and some grass fed beef bones for making stock.

Better than Christmas!

I’ve been a bone aficionado since I was a child, when I learned my skills from my dad on how to get the last bite of meat from the steaks we had all too infrequently for dinner.  It’s a bit gross, but I love gnawing on the bone from a porterhouse steak or digging the marrow out of any sort of shank.  Bones make me happy.  At a fancy dinner later last night, I must have mentioned the grass fed beef bones to my husband at least ten times. . . just like a kid with a new toy.  As soon as we got home, I hauled the bag out of the freezer to show him  the high point of my day.  He didn’t seem too excited and I think I even caught him rolling his eyes.  But these are some mighty fine soup bones . . . . just look ..

a perfect proportion of meat to bone  . . . so hopefully once he tastes the final product, his eyes will be rolling because of the deliciousness of the soup instead of the craziness of his wife.

3 comment on “Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance

  1. Cathy

    Fresh local veggies – can’t get any better than that!

  2. Lindsay

    Those greens look so fresh and delicious! You gotta love local produce.

    1. Staff Mary

      Just sauteed them in a little olive oil. Fantastic.

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