Chocolate Heaven – A Day in Hershey

There’s a lot to do in Chocolate Land.  Hershey Park, Hershey’s Chocolate World,  Hershey Gardens.  I wonder how many folks are so pooped out from roller coasters and roses that they end up missing a real gem, The Hershey Story. Located near the rest of the cocoa craziness (craziness is not a bad thing)  right there on Chocolate Avenue, The Hershey Story building houses lots of  intriquing memorabilia from Mr. Hershey, a Chocolate Lab, an upscale cafe, a Chocolate Tasting and a pretty sweet (ha ha) gift shop.  Impressive.

Chocolate Tasting in the Cafe

Even though it was only 10 am, I was already up for a chocolate tasting.  Six shot-size glasses were filled with thick,creamy mixtures of  warm chocolate from different countries.  A helpful placemat described each type of chocolate. Like a wine tasting, I was to look for flavor nuances . . fruity, nutty, oaky.  Except this was chocolate. Even better.

What a way to start my day!

The Chocolate Tasting isn’t a group activity so you just order it at the Cafe and then take your time savoring every last drop.  Just when I had emptied my little cups of melted heaven, it was time for  class in the Chocolate Lab, a spiffy, white room designed to look a like a food science laboratory.

After some background on the history of chocolate and a little cocoa trivia , we were instructed on how to make a chocolate tulip that can be filled with mouse, fruit or ice cream.

Dipping balloons to make chocolate tulips

After a quick stop at the Outlets at Hershey, it was time for a break. And for me there’s no better place to relax and get a feel for the Hershey countryside  than at The Inn at Westwynd Farm.  I’ve stayed here three or four times now, and every time I wish I could hang around just a few days longer.  Cookies, brownies and cakes greet you, the rooms are delightful and the breakfasts, delicious.

The back of The Inn at Westwynd Farm

After checking in, I sat in a rocking chair on one of the many porches and watched the  horses go for a spring gallop as I thought out a strategy on how to avoid the big bowl of Hershey’s candies that host Carolyn Troxell puts in every room. Needless to say, the best laid plans . . . .

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