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A food adventure might be sleuthing out the juiciest June strawberries at a farm market, learning about gone-but-not-forgotten local food treasures, working with a chef during a hands-on cooking class, or touring Pennsylvania’s artisan cheesemakers’ farms (and meeting a few cows along the way). Join culinary historian Mary Miller in exploring a zillion fun foodie things within a day's drive of Pittsburgh.

Latest News

  I can’t take another day of this dreary weather. All I do is make cookies, soup and bread, as you can see from my photos.  It was fun for a week or so, but now I have had enough of flour all over the kitchen and a freezer filled with soup containers.   So, I started to think about all of the good things coming up in the next month or so to get me out of the house. … read more

A few weeks ago I visited the Duane Michals exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art. It was a wonderful collection of photos and information about an artist born and raised in McKeesport, so close to my hometown of Elizabeth. The roots of hard work and steel show in his work, but what I enjoyed most were the photos of that included so many food products that were once produced in the Pittsburgh area. Vimco pasta, once made in Collier, … read more

This ghost sign (an old hand painted ad on a building ) is on my route to the Lili Cafe at 3138 Dobson Street in Polish Hill, one of my favorite coffee shops in Pittsburgh. (If you go, get a Mind Mender . oh yeah.)   I love old faded signs, because they remind me of  Mail Pouch ads on barns and thus of  the sweet smelling tobacco that my grandfathers used in their pipes. But, imagine my excitement when, last … read more